La Paloma Hot Springs & Spa

311 Marr Street
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Spa Services & Healing Arts

We suggest you enhance your spa experience with a massage or some other form of personal pampering. The licensed therapists and others below are available by appointment to provide treatments or readings. Please call or email us at before your stay for an appointment.

Oneness Blessingreflexology with Shelby Schuetarot cardsmassage therapy at La Paloma Hot Springs & Spa

Massage Therapy

(hot mineral soaks can be added to your massage at a discounted price)

André Soulé

Massage Therapist
NM License #662

André has been practicing therapeutic massage and bodywork since 1983. Various forms of therapy are integrated into his work.

Trained in: Acupressure: Jin-shin-do and 2 styles of shiatsu, Zen and barefoot
Structural Integration: Rolfing
Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy: a form of cross fiber massage technique
Osteopathic Massage: taught by Mr. Don Christner who was trained in the 1970s by Claude Clarence Heckman, an osteopath in Seattle
Sport Therapy: based on Erik Dalton work, who is the founder of “Freedom from Pain Institute”
Cranio Sacral Therapy: John Upledger style, which is a gentle energy work to balance and restore the cerebro spinal fluid movement, based on the osteopathic principle

30 minutes $45 / 1 hour $65 / 90 minutes $90

Inanna Champagne

Mountain Spirit Massage and Healing Arts
NM License #6258

"My bodywork is intuitively guided and tailored to the needs of each client. I combine elements of Polarity therapy, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, gently non-traumatic myofascial release, energy balance, meridian work and reflexology. My sessions include hot stones to encourage release of tension and add comfort. My work softens tissue and moves water into dehydrated tissue, releases fascia, calms nervous system, and connects you to your center. It is very pleasurable and nurturing, leaving a positive residue in our thoughts and in the tissue cells themselves."

Inanna also does acupuncture and nutritional counseling.

30 minutes $45 / 1 hour $65 / 90 minutes $90

Teina Barrett Wells

Holistic Health Practitioner, Massage Therapist
NM License #5700

Full Body Swedish Massage
30 min $45 / 1 hr $65 / 90 min $90

Traditional Asian Bodywork - Asian Fusion, a blending of Eastern and Western techniques. Shiatsu, Chi Nei Tsang, Tui Na and Five Element Acupressure
75 min $75


Shelby Schue


Using reflex points for whole-body balancing with 38 years experience.

Foot Reflexology is a practice that helps your body journey the path to a state of wellness and vibrant health. It is based on reflex points in the foot which mirror and connect all parts of the body, including organs, glands, circulatory and nervous systems. Reflexology has many benefits - it can help rid the body of toxins, reduce tension and stress, improve circulation, relieve pain, improve blood and oxygen flow and strengthen the immune system.

Rebirthing and Breathwork sessions are also available to enhance one’s own personal inner awareness.

30 min $45 / 1 hr $70



Rebecca Speakes

Tarot Reader

Rebecca has been reading the tarot for over 25 years. Her readings focus on the positive energies in life. Readings are based in the present. From this perspective, our futures can be optimized by choices made in the present. Tarot readings can help guide us in making decisions. Many of your pressing questions about what’s going on in your life can be answered.
1 hour - $40

Christopher, the Bohemian Vagabond

Tarot Reader

Over 18 years experience.
20 minutes - $25