Elevate your life experience.... come and "take the waters", the "living" waters.

La Paloma Hot Springs & Spa  311 Marr / 575-894-3148 

Open to the public for walk-in soaking:    10am - 10pm, 7 days per week

La Paloma Too   300 Austin / 575-894-2228

Open to the public for walk-in soaking:

Mon - Thur 7am - Noon  5pm-11pm Fri, Sat, Sun 7am-11pm

Both bathhouses are over ninety years old. Hot Artesian mineral water flows continuously from the earth directly through 13 gravel-bottom pools and is considered true "structured" or "living" water. "Structured" or "living" water only exists in two natural flow bathhouses in T or C, NM. Water temps range from 98 to 116 degrees with a pH of 7.0. The water consists of thirty-eight valued natural minerals and are not treated with chemicals. Noted high Lithium content with no unpleasant "sulfur" odor. Indoor pools are in private clothing-optional rooms in our bathhouses with benches for resting. No public displays of nudity allowed. Outdoor pools - LongHouse is communal soaking and requires a suit unless reserved for private soaking. The Pagoda is a smaller private outdoor pool and will accommodate 2 -4 people. Guests may soak by the half hour or by the hour and have access to public bathrooms and showers. No children under 7 years of age in pools or pool rooms. Guests 16 yrs and younger must be accompanied by adult at all times in the bathhouses. The only known bathhouse built over a hot mineral drainage canal in the continental U.S. is located in the Courtyard and we are told our two historic bathhouses are the last two bathhouses with natural flow artesian hot spring fed pools - no pumps or pipes deliver the water.....on Mother Nature as it surfaces at your feet.  

Mineral Water Content

Highly mineralized water known as "living" or "structured" water surfaces naturally in each of our pools in our two historic bathhouses and outdoor pools. There are 17 pools at La Paloma and each are natural flow artesian hot spring fed. We currently have 13 pool in use and will continue to prepare the other pools for you in the future. With multiple springs rising in each pool no water intermixes from other pools and guests have shared their stories about their experience by soaking in various pools during their stay.

Indoor & Outdoor Artesian Hot Springs Pools

A half hour soak is $7 per person; full-hour soaks are $12 per person. The Pagoda an outdoor private pool is $8 for half hour soak and $15 per full-hour soaks per person. Towels, water, coconut water and snacks are available for an additional fee. Day passes and multi-soak discount cards are also available. The LongHouse outdoor pool may be reserved as a private pool for $20 per hour, per person with a $40 minimum. Happy Birthday: Enjoy a free soak on your birthday!