Foot Reflexology is a practice that helps your body journey the path to a state of wellness and vibrant health. It is based on reflex points in the foot which mirror and connect all parts of the body, including organs, glands, circulatory and nervous systems. Reflexology has many benefits - it can help rid the body of toxins, reduce tension and stress, improve circulation, relieve pain, improve blood and oxygen flow and strengthen the immune system.

Shelby Schue, Certified Reflexologist NM #CR012 Board Member - New Mexico Association of Reflexologists Shelby grew up in New York, lived in many states and has traveled the world. She lived in Johnson, Vermont, a small college town during the late sixties where she raised her three wonderful children. In 1969, she established a health food store, one of the first of its kind. The concept of health food stores was quite new as a movement was growing to redefine food as natural. Customers sought out her whole grain flours, which she milled in the back of the store and made her own granola. Around1970 Shelby enrolled at the International Institute of Reflexology and trained in the Ingham Method. Since then she began working with the local folks and promoted Reflexology on radio and television. In 1985, Shelby traveled to New Zealand and stayed at a health ranch in Queenstown. It was at this time she studied with a blind healer who shared her knowledge of Reflexology and Iridology, which fed Shelby’s existing love of Reflexology. As a pioneer in Reflexology, she is pleased to see this valuable practice revered and growing in this country. People are realizing the benefits, not only for on-the-spot healing, but also as a preventative for many ailments. Shelby does not diagnose, but she can give people a good idea of where a challenge may lie. In the mid eighties, Shelby learned the technique of Rebirthing or Conscious Breathing.  She recognized that this is a powerful way to explore one’s own inner self. Since then, Shelby has performed rebirthing sessions on thousands of people. She has been rebirthed many times herself. In the 1980s she was rebirthed every other week for 2 ½ years. In 1994, Shelby moved to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, drawn to this area by the mild winters and people’s open hearts. These days Shelby can be found in her lovely restored historic adobe home just outside of downtown Truth or Consequences. Surrounded by lovely gardens, her oasis brings her joy, peace and tranquility. She is grateful in many ways to be here and sharing her love and healing abilities. Shelby is happy to share the gift of Reflexology and Rebirthing with you! With 46 years of experience, Shelby utilizes reflex points for whole-body balancing. Shelby serves as a Board Member of the New Mexico Association of Reflexologists, Santa Fe, NM.  30 min $45 / 60 min $75